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About Us


By embracing opportunity, the Burbank Group strives to exceed the expectations of customers, suppliers, contractors & staff by providing safe, sustainable, innovative & superior solutions

Jarrod Sanfilippo,

Managing Director, Burbank Group


When most people think 'Burbank', they think of Burbank Homes.

Burbank Homes is a huge part of the Burbank Group, with offices in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales, and more than 30,000 happy customers across the Eastern seaboard - but the Burbank Group is about more than just home building.

Aside from Burbank Homes, the Burbank Group has several subsidiary businesses including a land development company, licensed electrical and plumbing businesses, a finance company and many more, offering a complete property and construction solution for customers.

For more information on the individual businesses under the Burbank Group umbrella, visit our Companies page.​