Burbank Group

Looking to Nail Your Interview With Us?

Do these 5 things!


Do your research. Check out our website (chances are you've done this if you're reading this!), linked in page, learn as much about our business as you can. It will show us that you are well prepared, interested and keen on the position and our business. This could also help to set you apart from the pack.

Be Punctual

No one wants to be late to a job interview so get there early. Make sure you leave early enough to arrive 5-10 mins prior to your interview.

Give Detailed Responses

Be sure to provide as much information as possible about relevant experiences and knowledge you have. During your interview you may be asked behavioural questions. If so, we recommend using the STAR technique to answer these.
For example - Tell us about a time when you were required to balance multiple and conflicting priorities. What did you do?
Answer by providing - Situation/Task - tell us about the situation you faced here Action - Tell us what you did to navigate through the situation or scenario Result - Tell us what happened in the end and as a result of your action(s)


This is vital. We've got many roles that require customer interaction and involve representing our business. These two areas are key. Be sure to dress appropriately for the interview, maintain eye contact and articulate yourself as clearly as possible.

Ask Questions

Interviewing is a 2 way street and we like to be questioned also! Therefore, we love it when we see candidates come with questions to ask. It also shows how much thought you've given the role.